About International Shipping

Shipping to countries other than Japan will be handled sequentially.

We will do our best to respond to requests such as "I want you to send it to my country", so please feel free to contact us. contact us

The current shipping areas are as follows.

(The price has been increased since May 1 due to the soaring shipping fee.)

[stickers, wappens (emblems)]

free shipping

[other items]

USA ¥3,700

England ¥4,300

France ¥4,300

Switzerland ¥4,300

Canada ¥3,900

Oceania ¥3,700

A flat fee will be charged for each order, regardless of the purchase amount.

If the shipping fee is extra, please place the order as is.

Our staff will check the details of your order and notify you by email after making any corrections.