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[Good Luck] Five Pestles

[Good Luck] Five Pestles

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Five pestle for energy control with "God" infused into all products

Immerse God in the Gokosho, which has been used as an esoteric Buddhist tool since ancient times.

Fudo Myoo's carefully crafted " Iron Wall Amulet " to protect you from negative energy has been loved by many people.

In response to this, we have decided to release the "Kaiun Gokoko" , which allows you to freely control both "positive" and "negative" energies.

From the 7 types of gods with different energies, we will deliver the god you chose with your intuition.

Why did I produce Gokoko?

That's because I thought that there is no tool as convenient as this when I used a gokoko.

You may have an image that the gokoko is something that is used by monks, but I think that it is actually a necessary tool for ordinary people.

Energy control is very difficult until you can freely control it.

Some people need to train for 3 years, 5 years, 10 years.

This can be easily done using a five-pronged pestle.

You will be able to amplify the energy, move it in and out, and so on, very easily.

It's kind of like an energy controller.

Whether or not you use a gokoko is the difference between walking from Kyoto to Tokyo or taking the Shinkansen. It's going to be an overwhelming amount of time.

I made this "good luck five kokeshi" with the hope that this five kokeshi will help you get your energy level in order and make your work and life easier and happier.

Of course, we will engrave your favorite god into all of the Gokoko and deliver it to you.

Exceptionally beautiful craftsmanship shines, one-of-a-kind item made just for you Energy control becomes super easy

With the power to freely manipulate energy, the effect is overwhelmingly enhanced

For me, the most important thing about tools is that they are easy to use.

Even when I made the impregnable amulet, I was particular about wanting it to be something that anyone could easily use and feel its effectiveness.

The same goes for the gokoko, which is not only a convenient energy control device, but also something that anyone can easily use and feel the effects of .

In other words, the Kaiun Gokoko does not require training, and anyone can easily control its energy. The simplicity is what makes this product unique.

In addition, by putting the soul of God into it, it will become the same as a Buddha statue, so the energy will be amplified and the effect will be hundreds of times more effective.

The energy will change depending on which god you put your soul into, so I think you should use your intuition to choose the god that has the energy you need right now.

This gokoko is made by a skilled craftsman in Kyoto who I trust and leave all private gokoko to me.

Since it is a custom-made one-of-a-kind item, it usually takes two months to produce, but we have prepared a limited quantity so that you can get it immediately.

Once sold out, only a few pieces will be made to order each month, and the delivery date will be two months after the order is placed, so please take this opportunity to purchase.

Eliminate disorder through energy control and open up the life you want

Make your wishes come true by improving the "flow" of energy

We are energy bodies.

The state of your energy determines the impression you make on people, and it greatly affects your physical condition, mood, and emotions.

If you lack energy or have poor flow, you will not be able to have positive thoughts, you will not be able to forgive yourself, you will have hatred and anger toward others, you will have excessive expectations, you will be obsessed with the past and future, and you will be afraid. It is easier to have anxiety, sadness, and worries.

The longer you stay in that state, the worse your physical condition becomes, and the longer you stay, the more sick you become.

When things aren't going well or things aren't going well, using a five-pronged pestle to control your energy can help you get rid of the bad feelings and create an opportunity to improve the flow of everything.

For example, if you hold a five-pronged pestle when you meditate, you can remove bad energy from your body and take in good energy, which will be amplified more and more.

When it is difficult to control your emotions, you can calm yourself down by removing negative energy with a five-pronged pestle.

It is also effective when doing exorcism or spiritual things, and you can borrow and amplify energy other than yourself and use it.

Also, if you create a flow by touching or not touching your face, you can activate your skin and lift up and body care.

Do I need energy control too?

Especially recommended for such people


・People who meditate

・People who do yoga (effective before, after, and during corpse pose)

・People who do energy work

Reiki healing, aura healing, chakra work, ascension, purification, protection, meditation, etc.


・People who interact with people

・ People you want to protect

・People who are prone to negative energy

・ A person whose emotions are easily swayed

・People who are prone to anger and anxiety

・ People who want to condition their body and mind

・ People who want to improve their physical condition

・ People who want to use it to keep it in good condition

・ Doctors, teachers, hospitality industry, masseuse, esthetician

・People who receive bad energy at work

・ People who want to relax their shoulders but can not

・ People who want to remove negative energy

・People who lack energy

・People who tend to lose self-esteem

When you use the five pestle, you will get rid of the bad energy that you have unknowingly stored up, and your mental and physical disorders will be improved.

And by increasing your energy, you will be full of vitality and get a positive mind and body, so I hope you will use it every day and enjoy a lively and active life .


Q1: Does the effect change depending on the size?

no. No change.

However, if it's too small, it's difficult to use (it's hard to be conscious of it, it's hard to be conscious of it), so it's good to have the minimum size that you can hold and use.

Small size is good for those who want to carry it around.

Q2: Does the effect differ depending on the material?

yes. It changes depending on the bullion.

Sahari is especially good.

Q3: Does plating change the effect?

no. No change.

Q4: How should I choose which god to enshrine?

Don't think too much, choose intuitively.

It works better.

I know the unconscious.

Q5:Is it difficult to use?

Practice and get the hang of it and you'll be fine.

You'll be in control.

Please remember it by physical sensation.

Q5: How should I care for it?

Physical dirt should be wiped off every time.

Occasionally polish with a metal polish to keep it clean.

There is no need to cleanse because bad energy does not accumulate.

Q6: Does polishing improve the effect?

The effect does not change even if it is polished or not polished.

Q7: Where should I put it?

It's a tool, so please put it where you usually are.

It comes with a special paulownia box, so you can put it in it.

I have put my soul into it, so please treat it as carefully as you would a Buddhist statue.

Q8: Can you purify the field or ward off evil spirits?

no. Purification is not possible.

It's not even an amulet.

It is a "tool" for energy control.

Q9: Will anything work as long as I have a five-pronged pestle?

Just because you have a gokoko doesn't mean everything will be fine.

It's a "tool", so it's effective only when you use it well. (like a computer)

Q10: Could you just put your heart and soul into the five kokeshi that you have?

I will not.

All Gokoko will be handed over after the soul is enshrined.

There is no introspection.

I just want you to put your soul into it, I won't do it either.

Q11: Can I share with my family?

yes. Is good.

Please use it with your family.

Description of item

Five-pronged pestle of Esoteric Buddhism

Custom-made products by skilled craftsmen in Kyoto

Everything is one-of-a-kind

We will deliver it with care.

Fudo Myoo, Bishamonten, Benzaiten, Daikokuten , Kisshoten, Marishiten, Taishakuten

Comes with Tatsumura Textile's pure silk woven gauze

Dashi fukusa changes depending on the season.


Extra large: about 18 cm long

Diameter about 4cm

Weight about 600-630g

Large: about 17 cm long

Diameter about 3.5cm

Weight about 430g

Medium: about 15 cm long

Diameter about 3cm

Weight about 320g

Small: about 13 cm long

Diameter about 3cm

Weight about 230g

* All items are one-of-a-kind, so the weight and length are just a guideline.



Sahari (alloy of tin and copper)


Immediate delivery will be shipped as soon as payment is confirmed.

Bespoke items start production after the application, so it takes 2 months to ship.


Please choose. We will email you after your order.

・Fudo Myoo








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