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不動明王 鉄壁のお守り Fudo Myoo impregnable Amulet

不動明王 鉄壁のお守り Fudo Myoo impregnable Amulet

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My name is Tadashi Yagyu.

Based on guidance from the spirit world, I have created an amulet that provides an impenetrable defense.

The "Impenetrable amulet" protects the body and soul from spiritual disturbances (psychic attacks) caused by evil spirits, both living and dead.

Every day, we are affected by invisible energies. For example, someone might feel irritable, envious, or jealous towards you, and at that moment, a psychic attack could occur.

People with mediumistic qualities can be easily possessed if their spirit and channel are aligned. They may also suddenly feel ill in crowded places.

As a medium with a susceptibility to possession, I learned the techniques of esoteric Buddhism to perform protective rituals and barriers to guard myself against psychic attacks.

However, the effectiveness of these rituals and barriers can vary greatly depending on the level of spiritual cultivation in this life and past lives, as well as one's innate abilities.

To provide an easier solution for protecting oneself from spiritual disturbances, I created the "Impenetrable amulet."

Why did I create this amulet?

My family members were suffering from spiritual disturbances caused by evil spirits, and at first, I performed exorcisms every day.

One day, I sought the help of the Fudo Myoo, who burned the evil spirits to ashes, and the spiritual disturbances were completely removed.

However, the next day, the spiritual disturbances reoccurred, and I had to burn the evil spirits again.

One day, I thought about what would happen if I were to be constantly protected by Fudo Myoo like a bodyguard, and from that day onwards, I have never experienced spiritual disturbances again.

I asked the spirit world how I could apply this protection to others who suffer from spiritual disturbances (psychic attacks), and they revealed to me that I should create an amulet for Fudo Myoo's altar.

This is how the inspiration for the "Impenetrable amulet" came to me.


What is "the impregnable amulet"?

It is an amulet that splits the divine spirit of the Fudo Myoo, the Great Acala, to protect you like a bodyguard.

Fudo Myoo is one of the five great wisdom kings in esoteric Buddhism, and is considered to be an emissary of the great Buddha.

This amulet is very grateful for guarding you against spiritual disturbances caused by evil spirits, both living and dead.


What are the benefits of this amulet?

t provides protection against spiritual disturbances caused by living spirits, dead spirits, natural spirits, and animal spirits.

It also provides protection against negative energy in crowded places.

The amulet is effective for one year.

Who is this amulet recommended for?

  • People with mediumistic qualities
  • people who are easily possessed
  • people who suffer from spiritual disturbances caused by living or dead spirits
  • people who touch other people's bodies in practices such as massage or esthetics
  • people who feel unwell in crowded places or on crowded trains

customer testimonials

The Impenetrable Amulet has been a great help to me in protecting me from spiritual disturbances. I feel a sense of calm and peace when I wear it.

in Japan male 40s

Although it is an impregnable amulet, I feel that it has a wonderful effect.

I used to get bad energy when I was in a crowd, but it's almost gone. I was having trouble with this, so this really helped me.

Also, I am a chiropractor, and there were many times when I felt sick during treatment.

I have a sense of security that I am protected and I wear it all the time.

thank you.


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