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三面大黒天 勝利のお守り Three-faced Daikokuten Victory Amulet

三面大黒天 勝利のお守り Three-faced Daikokuten Victory Amulet

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A talisman of the three-faced Daikokuten, the strongest Buddha who led Hideyoshi, the son of a peasant, to become a man of the world.


Achieve overwhelming results with the power of the three-faced Daikokuten that gave Hideyoshi the strongest life


My name is Tadashi Yagyu.

The " 不動明王 鉄壁のお守り Fudo Myoo impregnable Amulet " that I made under instructions from the spirit world has been loved by many people.


In response to this, we have decided to produce the “ Three-sided Daikokuten Victory Amulet ” as the second amulet.


The three-faced Daikokuten is a super-powerful Buddha that Toyotomi Hideyoshi treasured for the rest of his life and led him from a poor peasant child to a world-class man.


Statue of Toyotomi Hideyoshi


"Strongest luck"

Kanegasaki Collapse (Nobunaga Oda's retreat), Mitsuhide Akechi subjugated by Chugoku Ogaeshi


"Irreplaceable good match"

Meet Oda Nobunaga, Nene, and a trusted retainer


"Great Wealth, Great Fortune"

2,000,000 koku of land, gold and silver mines, huge donations, etc.



Hideyoshi received the enormous blessings of the three-faced Daikokuten, and was blessed with various great fortunes, leading a very fulfilling and prosperous life.


I made it with the hope that everyone can enjoy the strongest and unparalleled power of this three-faced Daikokuten , and that they will achieve overwhelming results in work, career, schoolwork, exams, competitions and competitions .



The strongest, unparalleled Buddha that has become a trinity by syncretizing powerful heavenly parts even if it is only one

Grab good luck with the amulet you always wear


For me, the most important thing about talismans is that they bring great benefits .

When I made the impregnable amulet, I was particular about wanting it to be something like your own SP that would always protect you from spirits and spirits.


The same is true for the amulet this time.

" In order to make your life even richer, it has the power to open up 'overwhelming luck', 'the best match', and 'big money luck'. "

I stuck to this.


Three-faced Daikokuten is a more powerful Buddha that is a fusion of Daikokuten , Bishamonten, and Benzaiten.


This "Victory Amulet" is the soul of the three-faced Daikokuten.


In other words, the "Three-faced Daikokuten no Omamori" is by far the most beneficial of all similar amulets. It can be said that the bottomless power is the uniqueness of this amulet.



Get the result you want with overwhelming power

"Three-faced Daikokuten", the strongest and unparalleled guardian deity that grants the wishes of this world


The three-faced Daikokuten is a fusion of Daikokuten, Bishamonten, and Benzaiten.

It is a Buddha that consolidates all the blessings of the three heavens .


Santen Shugo


Benefits of 大黒天 Daikokuten

Financial luck, game luck, financial luck, business prosperity, career success, rich harvest, offspring care, good luck, matchmaking, etc.


Benefits of 毘沙門天 Bishamonten

Financial luck, winning luck, financial luck, prosperous business, good luck, marital harmony, healthy longevity, warding off evil, etc.


Benefits of 弁財天 Benzaiten

Financial luck, financial luck, business prosperity, game luck, marital harmony, academic achievement, skill improvement, music improvement, love achievement, prosperity of descendants, long life expectancy, etc.


The three-faced Daikokuten is said to have originated when Dengyo Daishi (最澄 Saicho) enshrined it at 比叡山延暦寺 Hieizan Enryakuji Temple .


The three-faced Daikokuten is the principal image of the secret ritual, and because it was a hidden Buddha, there are many mysteries, and it is also unknown why the three heavens merged.

The general public has almost no opportunity to see him.


However, what is clear is that by combining the three heavenly gods known for their many blessings, the strongest and unparalleled guardian deity has appeared that can fulfill the wishes of this world .



The strongest and matchless three-faced Daikokuten amulet that led Hideyoshi, who was a child of a simple farmer, to become a man of the world ,

Recommended for people like this.


・ Those who want to achieve overwhelming results at work

・ Those who want to achieve academic results such as entrance exams and qualification exams

・ Those who want to make a good relationship that will change their life for the better

・ Those who want to improve family and interpersonal relationships

・ Those who want to grab a big fortune

・ Those who want to increase their luck

・ Those who want to improve in terms of art

・ Those who want to live a long and healthy life

・ Those who want to be loved

・ Those who want to judge things correctly

・ Those who want to improve themselves by touching good sense

I want to make my life richer, I want to make more leaps ,

I would like you and your loved ones to wear

This is the " three-faced Daikokuten amulet ".



【Description of item】


Three-faced Daikokuten Victory Amulet


This victory amulet is an amulet that divides the spirit of the three-faced Daikokuten.

I will send it to you after meticulous attention to detail.


Since it takes a lot of energy to enter the soul, it may take some time to ship, but we will send it in order from those who have applied.

<Expiration date>

1 year

If the omamori has expired, please return it to a nearby shrine or temple, or send it to the Yagyu office.


¥15,000 (excluding tax)

<Shipping method>

It will be sent by Yamato Transport Co., Ltd.'s courier service compact.

Shipper is "Yagyu Office Co., Ltd."


・For those who have applied, you will receive an order confirmation email "immediately" after the order is confirmed.

・Since the e-mail address sent from Spizanmai will be sent from the domain "~", please be sure to set it so that you can receive e-mails from [].

・It is difficult to reach the address of the mobile carrier.  We recommend registering with another address (gmail, etc.).

・If you do not receive an email and would like to change your address, please contact Spizanmai .


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