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Kobo Daishi Kukai Talisman of ability flowering Amulet

Kobo Daishi Kukai Talisman of ability flowering Amulet

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Blossoming one's abilities and achieving significant life goals: Kukai's protective amulet.

Igniting the flame of your indomitable spirit, creating an environment where talents can flourish, and accelerating self-growth.

This is Yagyū Tadashi.

The "Fudō Myō-ō Iron Wall Amulet," "Sanmen Daikokuten Victory Amulet," and "Aizen Myō-ō Love Amulet," all created based on guidance from the spiritual realm, have been cherished by many, thanks to your support.

Building upon this, we have decided to create the "Kōbō Daishi Kukai Amulet" as the fourth installment.


For me, Kukai is like a Superman-like figure.

In fact, my desire to study Shintō and esoteric Buddhism since my youth has been greatly influenced by Kukai.

Kukai accomplished extraordinary feats beyond the reach of ordinary individuals, enriching the world through Buddhism and culture. Kukai's teachings have saved many and continue to profoundly impact modern society.

Kukai possessed multiple innate talents, but did that alone enable him to achieve such remarkable things?

I don't believe so.

Kukai's strength lay in his unwavering dedication to pursuing his goals relentlessly until their accomplishment. This, I believe, is the secret to his superhuman achievements, despite the fact that the blood, sweat, and tears shed on the journey are often overlooked.

When Kukai immersed himself in something, he reportedly worked tirelessly, nearly sleepless.

Until the point of achieving the decisive goal, the determination to persevere no matter what, I think, is Kukai's strength and the key to his superhuman achievements.

Through this Kukai amulet, I hope that you all gain the power to achieve your goals and excel by harnessing your own talents.



Blessings of Kōbō Daishi Kukai:

Kukai is believed to possess the power to help achieve goals and fulfill various wishes, particularly in the realms of education and the manifestation of talents.

It is believed that he ignites the flame of an indomitable spirit and creates an environment where one's abilities can flourish, contributing to self-growth and wish fulfillment.

Setting and achieving goals with an unyielding spirit

Unleashing the potential of talents

Recognition and support from the surroundings

Academic success

Physical and mental health and safety

Personal growth

Realization of wishes


Kukai's amulet is especially recommended for:

Those determined to achieve their goals at all costs

Those seeking physical and mental balance, health, and stability

Those aspiring to academic success, especially students and those preparing for exams

Those desiring recognition and a platform to showcase their talents

For those who wish to express their talents more freely, seek substantial growth, and for your beloved ones, I strongly recommend wearing this "Kukai's Amulet."



Product Description:

Kukai's Amulet



This amulet is a divine fragment of Kōbō Daishi Kukai's spirit.

Each piece is meticulously imbued with energy before being sent.

The energy-intensive imbuing process might extend the shipping time, but we will dispatch them in the order received.

Common questions about using the amulet can be found here.


Validity period:

1 year


Expired amulets should be returned to a nearby shrine or temple, or sent to Yagyū Office.

For reordering after a year, the "Amulet Subscription Service (Auto-renewal)" is convenient.

Exactly 1 year after your current order, a new amulet will be automatically reordered and delivered.



¥16,500 (tax included)


Shipping method: Shipped via Yamato Transport's Compact Home Delivery.


Sender: Yagyū Office Co., Ltd.

Description: Fabric item




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