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Aizen Myoo Love Amulet

Aizen Myoo Love Amulet

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[Notice of undeliverable period]

Since I will be on a business trip to Yagyu, I will be careful and shipping will be [Sequential shipping after 6/26].


An amulet of Aizen Myoo that cuts off bad relationships and bad deeds and grants various wishes.

Cut off the evil that binds you

Love, relationships, work, school, everything jumps to the best life.

My name is Tadashi Yagyu.

Thanks to you, many people have been using the "Fudo Myoo's Iron Wall Amulet " and " Three-Faced Daikokuten's Victory Amulet " that I made under instructions from the spirit world.

In response to this, we have decided to produce the "Aizen Myoo Amulet" as the third amulet.

Like Fudo Myo-o, Aizen Myo-o is said to be an incarnation of Dainichi Nyorai, and is said to appear when Kannon Bodhisattva, the bodhisattva of mercy, arouses passion.

It is said to grant various wishes , but it is believed that it has the power to cut off bad ties and bad deeds , especially in relationships such as work and love .

[Benefits of Aizen Myoo]

The power to cut off bad connections and bad deeds and bring about good ones and good deeds

Aizen Myo-o is said to have the power to cut off bad relationships and bad deeds, and is believed to have the power to bring good relationships and good deeds. It is also said that it has the power to reduce suffering in this world by cutting off ties from past lives.

The power to grant love and wishes

Aizen Myo-o is said to have the power to grant wishes, and is believed to be especially beneficial for fulfilling love. It is also said to give you the power to fulfill your wishes for work and exam purposes.

The power to remove misfortunes such as illness and misfortune

Aizen Myoo is said to be compassionate and has the power to save people from suffering. Therefore, it is believed that it has the power to protect oneself from misfortunes such as illness and misfortune, and to bring peace and health.

Ability to relieve emotions such as anger and resentment

Aizen Myoo has the nature of the merciful Bodhisattva Kannon Bodhisattva, but is also a Myoo who controls emotions such as anger and anger. Therefore, by praying to Aizen Myoo, it is said that it has the power to maintain emotional balance and control anger and anger.

The power to purify the mind and stabilize the spirit

It is said to be effective in self-enlightenment.

The amulet of Aizen Myoo is especially recommended for the following people:

・ Those who want to succeed in love

・People who want to get health and peace , excluding calamities such as illness and misfortune

・Those who want to make their wishes come true for purposes such as work and exams . Especially those who are taking exams or looking for a job

・Those who want to cut off bad connections and bad deeds and attract good ones and good deeds

I want to be loved more, I want to leap more ,

I would like you and your loved ones to wear

This is " Aizen Myoo Amulet of Love ".

【Description of item】

Aizen Myoo Love Amulet


This amulet of love is an amulet that divides the spirit of Aizen Myoo.

I will send it to you after meticulous attention to detail.

Since it takes a lot of energy to enter the soul, it may take some time to ship, but we will send it in order from those who have applied.

Here are some frequently asked questions about handling amulets.

<Expiration date>

1 year

If the omamori has expired, please return it to a nearby shrine or temple, or send it to the Yagyu office.

For reordering after one year, "Amulet regular delivery (regular payment)" is convenient.

Exactly one year after your order, it will be automatically reordered and you will receive a new amulet.


¥16,500 (tax included)

<Shipping method>

It will be sent by Yamato Transport Co., Ltd.'s courier service compact.

Shipper is "Yagyu Office Co., Ltd."

The product name will be sent as "cloth products".


・For those who have applied, you will receive an order confirmation email "immediately" after the order is confirmed.

・Since the e-mail address sent from Spizanmai will be sent from the domain "~", please be sure to set it so that you can receive e-mails from [].

・It is difficult to reach the address of the mobile carrier. (au, docomo, ezweb, softbank, icloud, etc.) We recommend registering with another address (gmail, etc.).

・If you do not receive an email and would like to change your address, please contact Spizanmai .


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