When you don't receive an email


Please check your registered email address! ! !

Emails from computers often do not reach the addresses below.

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docomo au softbank ezweb icloud mac

If you need to receive emails such as shipping emails, payment confirmation emails, and Tanda Gym contact information, please be sure to register an email address other than the above .

Or add the following address to the spam exclusion list in the settings of your email software.

official address


If the message does not arrive, we may contact you with a non-official address, but all official emails will be delivered from the official address.

If you don't change your address because you've been contacted once, you'll always end up not receiving important emails again.

Please be sure to give up and let us know your new address.

If you don't know how to change your address, please contact us .

Q: I haven't received an email, can I place an order?

A: Spizanmai will send an order confirmation email (bank transfer only, payment confirmation email) and a shipping notification email.

If you do not receive it, there is a high possibility that it has been sorted into the promotion folder or spam folder, or an error has occurred.

In this case, even if you contact us, there is a high possibility that you will not even receive a reply email from us , so please let us know the email address that is different from when you placed your order.

Mobile email docomo, au, softbank, ezweb, icloud, mac addresses are likely to cause errors)

Q: How soon will it arrive?

A: Usually, we will ship within 2 to 3 business days from the date of application (the payment confirmation date).

Orders made while Tadashi Yagyu is on a business trip will be shipped after he returns, as we cannot take care of them.

If it is within Japan, it will arrive the next day or the day after that, and for Okinawa and remote islands, it will arrive in about one day. (Because the spray will be shipped by surface, it will take about a week to Okinawa and remote islands.)

Overseas shipments vary depending on customs, country, and circumstances, so please check the tracking number provided in the shipping notification email.

The name of the product when it is delivered to Japan will be "fabric".

Q: I haven't received a link email from Tanden Gym.

For those who apply for Tanda Gym, we will inform you of the next month's link by e-mail from the 25th of every month to the end of the month.

If you applied in the middle of the month, we will contact you within 2-3 business days.

If you do not receive the e-mail, there may be an error in your address.

Please contact us with an email address other than docomo au softbank ezweb icloud mac.

In many cases, the above address does not even receive a reply.

I have tried to contact you by sending from an unofficial address and texting your mobile number, but I am still unable to get in touch with you.

In that case, we will not be able to contact you unless you inform us of a different address , so please understand that we may have to "cancel" your application for Tanden Gym.